Pilot Episode

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After 9 months in business…I finally got my website and blog up and running! Better late than never I guess…so welcome!! If you are new here, I hope you find my content relevant, useful, and even humorous at times 😉. Remember, this is about fashion, so no need to take it TOO seriously but my goal as a personal stylist is to get you to spread your wings and maybe step out of your comfort zone when it comes to staying trendy. Something I have talked about a couple times is how people tend to stick to their style that was popular in their early 20s/college days. If I see one more damn person comment on a tik tok or Instagram post “bUt wE aLrEaDy WoRe ThAt iN tHe 90s!!” I am going to have a stroke. I cannot stress this enough- nobody cares that this trend is cycling back around. Yes, I wore it too, but sticking to what was in style for damn near a decade is AGING you and making you seem like a stubborn stick in the mud. Trends repeat themselves so take it as a compliment that your kids, the younger generation, and the fashion industry as a whole, think its cool! You don’t have to dabble in every trend…. but step out of the box and try a couple! What’s the worst that could happen?! You may even love it ;)! Ok, off my soapbox you get the point- don’t be afraid to try “new” things (even if they are not new to you) and have fun with it! I am here for you always if you need my guidance and what I am truly passionate in. I LOVE helping people find their style. I can’t wait for you to ride along this journey with me!


Talk Soon, XOXO