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Is This Cool?

There you are online doom scrolling through a clothing website that has ENDLESS options. Overwhelmed? Confused on what is actually in style vs what isn't? Wish you had a little reassurance to buy clothes confidently knowing they are cool? My membership is here to answer all your questions about trends and style! You will have access to an exclusive Facebook group to post and ask these questions or to seek my professional opinion on things! 

Millennials & Gen X- You Can Wear Trendy Shit Too!! Style Doesn't Die After Your 20s

Trends are not just for our teens and twenties. We may not dress the exact same as our younger counterparts, but there are hundreds of acceptable trends that fit our lifestyle into our 30s and beyond. Moms, Career Girlies, and anyone in between- I'm talking to you! 

Membership Includes- 

  1. 1:1 hot seat calls monthly via Zoom- everyone can come and watch but for 15 minutes it is just you and me, face to face discussing anything you need help with! These are scheduled one day a month- you will sign up for your 15 minute time slot-schedule goes out a week in advance!
  2. Access to ask me questions about style, outfits, what to buy, etc. on exclusive Facebook group
  3. 1 monthly, themed live call for the whole group via Zoom. Examples include trend discussion, guest speakers, Q&A time, Games (with prizes DUH), and so much more!

Complementary Perks-

  1. $10 style guides
  2. 1:1 service discounts extended to members only! (15%)
  3. Exclusive content!
  4. Slay or Nay lists- with a few links of go to’s 
  5. Monthly giveaways

Hey, I'm Maddy!

Your no bullsh*t personal stylist with a ton of love and passion for styling you in COOL, cute trends appropriate for your lifestyle! 


I worked years in department stores and boutiques and always had a love for clothes, outfits, and was the "go to" friend and family member for helping with an outfit for a night out or occasion. After my first kid was born in the beginning of 2020 at the forefront of the pandemic, I had my own epiphone moment of "oh no" when I went out for a girl's night and EVERY single girl in her 20s was dressed completely different than I was. I was semi-mortified that for the first time in my life, I missed the memo and was stuck in dated outfits. Being stuck and home with a newborn can do that to you. So I vowed to never let it happen and to help any other millennial who also fell behind and needed help. 


Holland & Bloom Style Co was born in 2022 after I took a styling course and learned how to trend forecast and really study runway to ensure myself and my clients were dressing in what was *actually* cool.


Sounds like fun, right?! Join the membership and circle of stylish besties and have hype girls in your back pocket ready to help and cheer that outfit on! 

Holland & Bloom Style Co Style Membership

Stuck in a style rut? I help you feel more confident in your style by encouraging you to expand your mindset trying new trends and feel more comfortable updating your wardrobe in a way that works for you.  


"Maddy is amazing! She helped me with a closet edit to update my style and noted all the items I needed to fill in and give me a more wearable closet...I am so happy we connected. Thanks so much for everything. Already feeling so much more confident." - Patty B

"Maddy was so great to work with! The {wardrobe} choices have been so flattering and I get compliments all the time. It's like she gave me back a piece of myself. It has also ended up saving me money since I'm not randomly shopping for things that won't work and I don't need."- Margaret O



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