How Becoming a New Mom (and Post-Pandemic Style) Hit Me Like a Bus


How Becoming a New Mom (and Post-Pandemic Style) Hit Me Like a Bus

If I had a dollar for every DM, comment, conversation I’ve had with clients and followers speaking about how they woke up one day after the pandemic and all of the sudden style was different…I would be able to sell this business and retire at the ripe age of 32. That was a slight exaggeration but you get the point. Let me tell you that I struggled with this exact same thing after I had my daughter in 2020. First, a little backstory that is personal and the first time I am sharing it publicly. I also want to mention, I think a lot of other people can relate to this story in some shape even if they aren’t a mom. Life changes and hard times happen to everyone! Don’t worry…first it’s sad then it gets better 😊


We had just moved back to our home state of Nebraska (in 2019) after living overseas for almost a year, I got pregnant in July of 2019 and gave birth to my daughter in April 2020. I was a new mom with a colicky baby isolated from the world while simultaneously struggling with postpartum depression. PPD sent me into something that I had NEVER experienced before in my life. It was my own version of hell that was truly some of the worst couple months of my entire life. I had never felt so trapped and hostage in my own mind and the thoughts that ran through my head were not only terrifying but were uncontrollable. The things that I thought and the things that I said, I can’t even talk about 3 years later because they are so triggering. Anyone suffering from depression or PPD, I truly empathize with you.


My hope is that it helps new parents realize they are not alone. When you are in the trenches of something like that it was difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but I kept remembering every parent I talked to tell me “It gets better I swear!” I clung to those words like millennials cling to their skinny jeans. And guess what?  They were right! When she was about 4 months old things really took a turn for the best, she was sleeping great, happy, I was no longer in a state of gloom every day, and was feeling more and more like my normal self. Your life will never be the same and that could mean 100 different things such as body changes and your style…..


Which leads me into my next topic- motherhood and style! Let me shout this from the rooftops– You can be a mom and still maintain stylish trends that are practical and COMFORTABLE! Both can coexist and I know trends and style can be completely overwhelming especially when you add a body shape that is foreign to what you have had in the past, and trends that seem to come and go in the blink of an eye. I vividly remember my “Ah Ha!” moment realizing the clothes I was wearing were no longer cool anymore after I had my daughter. I was out with my friends in a very young, popular bar scene in town, and everyone who was younger than me was dressed completely different than I was. I immediately went into defensive mode and thought “what the hell are they wearing?”. Cue Taylor Swift *It’s me. Hi. I’m the problem, its me.” I missed the mark for the first time in my life and hadn’t been paying attention to the trends around me. Shortly after, I vowed to never let it happen again, took a personal styling course, and dedicated my business to helping people like me find their style again.


When I polled the question “did your style change after you became a mom?’ 98% of you said yes. The top reasons being “comfort, body changes, and practicality”. Well my friends, you’re in luck, if you have been following myself or trends closely you will have noticed the shift from 2010’s era of skin tight EVERYTHING to trends that are more oversized, casual, and have a heavy emphasis on basics (T shirts, denim, white tennis shoes, blazers, etc.) If you are a mom or just someone who is struggling with “new” styles I hope you stick around and learn a thing a two from me! I am here to help.


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XO Maddy